VA Special Housing Program

Western States Framing is Honored to work with you and the VA Special Housing Program

Download a summary of your benefits here.

VA has several types of adapted housing grants available for disabled military and military veterans. The Specially Adapted Housing grant (SAH) provides up to $63,780, is generally used to create a wheelchair-accessible home for those who may require such assistance for activities of daily living. NOTE – VA’s Home Loan Guaranty program and the Native American Direct Loan program may also be used with the SAH benefit to purchase an adaptive home. Other adaptations for those with movement issues are available.

The Special Housing Adaptations (SHA) grant, currently provides up to $10,000 and is generally used to assist veterans with mobility throughout their homes due to blindness in both eyes or the anatomical loss or loss of use of both hands or extremities below the elbow..

Other VA adaptive housing benefits are currently available through Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service’s “Independent Living” program, the Insurance Service’s Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance program, and the Veterans Health Administration’s Home Improvement and Structural Alterations (HISA) grant.

While the SAH and SHA grants require ownership and title to a house, Congress recognized the need to allow veterans and active duty members who may not yet own homes to have access to the adaptive housing grant program. So they created a fourth type of program called the Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant which is now available to eligible veterans and seriously injured active duty service members who are temporarily living or intend to temporarily live in a home owned by a family member. Under TRA, veterans and service members otherwise eligible under the SAH program would be permitted to use up to $14,000, and those eligible under the SHA program would be allowed to use up to $2,000 of the maximum grant amounts. Each grant would count as 1 of the 3 grants allowed with new program.

For more information about grants and other adaptive housing programs, contact a VA-approved builder or the local VA regional office at 1-800-827-1000 or state and local veteran service organizations. Additional program information and grant applications (VAF-26-4555) can be found at Do a search at the site for VAF-26-4555.

The process for obtaining a Specially Adapted Housing Grant can be tedious, but in our experience the VA and VA Medical staff go out of their way to assist Service members and Veterans in getting the tools, home remodeling and equipment they need and deserve! We will assist you in determining which grant is right for you.

Steps to getting a grant from the VA

1. Obtain a determination/prescription from a VA or fee-basis physician that includes:

  • The diagnosis with medical justification
  • Specific items required/prescribed
  • The Veteran’s name, address, SSN and phone number(s)

2. Contact a VA Approved builder for a design and estimate

3. Submit a completed VA Form 26-4555 for SAH and SHA or VA form 10-0103 for HSIA

4. Provide a picture of the work site prior to construction

5. Work with your VA-Approved builder to remodel and build what you need using VA Guidelines

Western States Framing is VA-Approved Contractor #0820 and along with its sister company High Desert Remodeling, are available for consultations and services at any step of the process. Contact Greg Layton at (702) 457-5529 or use the CONTACT PAGE. Make sure to ask for the Military and Veteran discount.