Structural Wood Mezzanines

Structural Wood Mezzanines

New technology is dramatically increasing the potential for large multi-level commercial wood structures, and building codes are shifting to accommodate. Our job is to make sure we follow the plans and building codes that increasingly recognize wood’s structural and performance capabilities. Western States Framing is committed to safeguarding the continued evolution of wood building systems and techniques. Wood buildings have economic, aesthetic, GREEN, and structural attributes that make them a good choice for commercial buildings. There is a quiet revolution taking place within the design community as commercial design professionals are using wood to great effect in growing number.

The Evolution of Wood Mezzanines, International Building Codes and Fewer Size Limits

While Structural Wood Mezzanines are nothing new, in the past barriers like building codes made designers reluctant to choose wood for large buildings. Today, International Building Code (IBC), has fewer size limits and codes are shifting to accommodate new technology. Forward-thinking engineers, architects and builders are turning heads by using wood increasingly in multi-level structures. Mid-rise wood construction is gaining the attention of design professionals who see it as a way to achieve higher density at lower cost, while reducing the carbon footprint of their buildings. Widely recognized for its environmental attributes, wood is a renewable, sustainable building material that can help our customers meet their GREEN building goals.

Wood’s performance, cost and sustainability add value to commercial structures. From the outside, these wood-frame structures look like typical buildings. Inside, however, savvy building professionals are using both traditional framing and new products, such as cross laminated timber (CLT), to take advantage of wood’s environmental and performance benefits while remaining cost-effective. Wood works well for multi-story projects because it offers a high percentage of rentable square footage at a relatively low cost.

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