Government and Institutional Work

Clark County Government Center

We offer a variety of services for Government and Institutional Work. Please contact us directly for complete information.

Timber framing is an ideal design aesthetic and building method for spacious, inviting public gathering places at regional, state and federal parks. We have designed, engineered and built beautiful, durable structures. Our bold post and beam buildings lend themselves to the scale and expansiveness of the parks themselves, echoing the visual might of the airy, light-filled expansiveness of Desert and mountains throughout Nevada and Utah. With interiors that are welcoming and warm, constructed of strong, beautiful woods with dramatic angles that draw the eye upward, post and beam timber frames are an attractive and pragmatic way to create a structural centerpiece to any park environment.

We work with landscape architects, civic engineers and city planners, and will deliver an outstanding structure that is second to none. We are known for our top-notch customer service, and flexibility in working with every level of government office in order to ensure the highest-quality end result.

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