Fire & Water Damage

Water Damaged Timber
Our FOCUS, our WORK ETHIC and extreme attention to ACCURACY make us the Leader in Nevada for all things wood framing. This includes Repair and Restoration.

Stained or discolored wood should be noted and investigated further. Water stains or rust from connections indicate that the wood has been or is wet and is susceptible to decay. Further inspection should be conducted to determine the existing moisture content of the wood and the source of the moisture.

fire damage
If fire has caused damage to your structure, fire damage cleanup is an involved and meticulous process. Removing and replacing the burned and damaged timbers of the floors, walls, and ceilings is a vitally important and potentially dangerous undertaking. When you face the burdens of a fire, you want experienced professionals available to help with the fire damage cleanup and restoration. Knowledge & experience are key to the success of getting it done right the 1st time and taking all measure possible to help prevent future damage.

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