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Safety 1stSafety is a Way of Life at Western States Framing. Our primary goal is a safe work environment from which our employees can return home safely.

Our Safety Team at CQA Blackpointe provides constant and ongoing training in all aspects of safety including classroom training, analyzing a new site, and keeping our safety environment aligned with current regulations.

Safety coordination includes our employees, our Team at CQA Blackpointe, and our insurance carriers to ensure the best possible safety environment. Let our Safety Culture and Team be a part of yours.

About Safety

Innovative wood products have made made wood a viable alternative to steel in many applications where long spans and tall walls are required. Today’s building codes recognize wood’s safety and structural performance capabilities and allow its use in a broad range of applications—from the light duty repetitive framing common in small structures to the larger and heavier framing systems used to build mid-rise/multi-story buildings, schools and arenas.

The International Building Code (IBC) also offers a number of increased opportunities for wood-frame construction as compared to previous codes. Introduced in 2000 and adopted by the vast majority of US states, the IBC:

  • Includes new definitions of some use groups and types of construction (e.g., Type III), which allow more wood construction
  • Allows sprinklered buildings with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13 systems to contain one additional story, and to be increased in height 20 feet
  • Permits fire walls of combustible material in a Type V building, which allows the structure to be divided into separate buildings, each subject to its own height and area limits
  • Allows the area for single-story buildings that are sprinklered to be increased to 300 percent of the tabular area
  • Permits asymmetric testing for fire resistance rating (testing from the inside only) where the distance to the property line is at least five feet

In addition to the convenience of a single code, the IBC has created a more favorable environment for designing wood-frame commercial buildings. For more examples, the American Wood Council (AWC) offers a range of free downloadable documents on wood design in the context of the IBC, including publications aimed at designing for code acceptance and allowable heights and areas calculators.

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