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Air Drying Timber

Nothing quite compares to the beauty, craftsmanship, and durability of wood framing.

At Western States Framing we are inspired by the impressive timber framed buildings of yesterday. Our FOCUS, our WORK ETHIC and extreme attention to ACCURACY make us the Leader in Nevada for all things wood framing.

Since 1980, we’ve provided all types of wood framing structures offering a range of services for commercial and custom structures.

Team Players

We work with architects or builders, regardless of their familiarity with light or heavy timber construction. We have the knowledge & experience to incorporate timber framing into any type construction.


Our job is to make sure we follow the plans and building codes, execute our framing skill with precision, to provide a level of quality 2nd to none. Blueprints are not perfect, so our customers respect and rely on our project managers’ ability to identify and correct plan discrepancies before they become building errors.

Did you know?

Yes. it’s GREEN

Using wood to frame a structure instead of steel or concrete has been shown to decrease energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, solid waste, and negative ecological impacts. This means that when you build with wood, you contribute to the environment in a positive way while also achieving a structure of profound durability.

Naturally Fire Resistant

Due to the inherent fire resistance of heavy timber, timber framed buildings are naturally fire resistant.


To get specific information about your needs please contact us directly at: +1 702 457 5529

Safety 1st

Safety 1st

Safety and logistics are key to maintaining order and meeting production deadlines


We show up on time prepared to work

WE will Stay on Budget

Wood Framing = Green Construction

You and your goals are our primary concern

We’ve been doing this a really long time

We are team players and respect customer relationships


We have worked on everything from custom homes to restaurants to retail, banks and beyond. Visit our Gallery section to view some of our work or Contact us to find out how we can best Serve you.

  • McDonald’s
  • Fresh & Easy
  • World Savings Bank
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • Claim Jumper Green Valley
  • Lucille’s Bar-B-Q
  • Anthem Retail Center
  • Island Burger, Summerlin
  • Cecile Avenue Warehouse Roofs